4.5 stars on the U.S. App Store (User Ratings, All Versions)
For iPhone and iPad
"Extremely organic electronic drums. The real selling feature is the randomness that allows for quick variation. This is my go to app for synthetic percussion."
- Dr.dorkte (United States, App Store Review)
EFX Board Extension (In-App Purchase)
Video: See and listen to it in action

Check out what SeekBeats has:

• Eight voices, each with different synth parameters and envelopes.

• Step Sequencer, with velocity for each step that can be mapped to different parameters.

• Randomizer: Mutate the whole sound of your drums instantly with the slide of your finger.

• Snapshots: Feel all the freedom to explore with your sound, go back and forth by taking and recalling snapshots. Change the whole sound of your drums with one tap.

Sound Banks: Load and save your favorite sounds.

Stereo Chorus, global Compression and global Distortion.

Supports Audiobus. Inter Audio App. Master Out + 8 channels (1 per Drum).

Supports Ableton Link.

MIDI Sync: sync with other apps within the same device, or other devices via WIFI or cable.

MIDI In to trigger drums and patterns (cable connection recommended for quick response.)

SeekBeats How To (introduction video)
Check these App Store reviews!
"Excellent. I am very impressed ... I haven't been so instantly taken with a drum synth in a long time!"
- The pantsome menace (Australia)
"Supremely intelligent... This is really, really smart. It gives you a lot of options for randomizing several parameters in real time, as well as an excellent preset arrangement, and the node system seems very well thought out"
- Twirling Erling (Canada)
"If my current drum synth is a Cadillac, SeekBeats is a Bentley. It is so good, I'm making SeekBeats my new go-to drum synth/sequencer ... I am actually having a difficult time putting it down. Instantly addicting in a good way."
- rG3P0 (USA)
"Absolutely awesome and inspiring - This app is hands down the best and most inspiring beat making app for iOS... You'll come up with beats and experiment with different sounds in seconds. Love it!"
- fiskenuno (Sweden)
"This is the best iOS drum synth I've tried yet. It just sounds great. I'm hooked!"
- Hypnosapien (USA)

If you were thinking about getting a similar hardware drum machine, it would probably cost you hundreds of dollars, SeekBeats is just $11.99 (USA).

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• iPhone 4S or faster.
• iPod Touch 5th generation (4 inch display) or faster.
• iPad 2 or faster.

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