"There's an app called TweakyBeat that we like quite a bit. It's a very simple monophonic synthesizer that's used in a step-sequencer-like way."
Mouse On Mars (residentadvisor.net)
"... rocks like hell! I’ve never seen such a small music-application, that was so well balanced with the features."
"Just been playing around with TweakyBeat. This is a great little fun app for synthy drum sounds. I love it."
TweakyBeat 1.6.1 has Overdrive and Bit Down effects, listen to a couple examples!
You will make alive, analog circuitry sounding, synthesized drum loops within seconds while using a ridiculously simple interface that makes this a joy. TweakyBeat is an uncommon drum machine with personality.

TweakyBeat has:

•Simple to use one screen drum machine
•Very simple synthesized sounds (no samples)
•Tweakable sounds. Change every sound parameters like pitch, decay, waveform, etc.
•Step sequencer, 8 patterns

•Support for Audiobus

•Record your sessions as WAV
•Mail your WAV recordings
•Copy your WAV recordings to Intua's pasteboard (compatible with BeatMaker 2, NanoStudio, GarageBand, and tons of others)
•Copy your WAV recordings via iTunes File Share

Many times I've felt indifference towards drum machines that are just a sequencer with a very common sound library with no real personality, haven't you?

I didn't want TweakyBeat to be like that. I wanted to built a simple drum machine that felt alive. TweakyBeat is quirky, monophonic and full of personality, and it produces electronic loops with tons of groove!

It's super simple interface makes you build loops in seconds.

It uses synthesis, not samples, so you can tweak the hell out of those parameters, creating very alive, analog circuitry like sounds.

Just clear and fun to use.

Here's what some blog's think about it:
"You may be surprised what you can coax out of it with very little effort… This app should appeal to fans of minimal music"
"The iElectribe, Funkbox and TweakyBeat have become essential tools in my arsenal… [TeakyBeat] It’s a little drum machine app with a heavy swing and random option. Anything TweakyBeat creates could be a Berlinesque minimal track."
Check these app store reviews!!
• "What an addictive app. Intuitive and simple to use, you'll instantly be creating amazing original loops." - Screamlab (Canada)
• "Every now and then you stumble upon one of those cool little apps that turns out to be pretty sweet. It's a great little sequencer with some cool sounds. Kinda unrefined and not perfect, but thats part of the charm of old sequencers." - Shineumbreon (USA)
• "Minimal electro grooves are created in seconds! Possibility of editing and sounds really fun!" - AndrewTek (Italy)
• "Simple but amazing… This little app is great for producing glitchy minimal beats" - Callanish_H (UK)
• "Pure dirty, bleepy, filthy fun…" - AdSpace (UK)
• "… if you're looking for something maybe more to the music side of the "music toy" sort of app, this is your guy right here. If you're in the right sort of mood, you can just fiddle with this thing more or less forever." - Firstboyonthemoon (USA)
• "Good for minimal house, chiptune, and all sorts of stuff." - C.M. Bell (USA)
• "Excellent analog beats in a simple interface - exactly what an app should be!" - David Abranavel (USA)
• "Super fun, and one of the best I've found for making chiptone or 8bit style beats." - adoredregardless (USA)
• "スゴイ!" - スヤコ (Japan) (that's japanese for "Amazing!")
• "minimalistisch! fantastisch!" - finefin (Germany)
If you were thinking about getting a similar hardware drum machine, it would probably cost you 100+ dollars, TweakyBeat is just 2 dollars (USA), so you can get TweakyBeat and still go buy the other one too!

Get TweakyBeat and start making those quirky beats!

Press the "App Store" button! :)
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