4.5 stars on the U.S. App Store (User Ratings, All Versions)
All your DJ controls in one view!
"At a glance I wasn't sure, but this thing is actually the best in terms of functionality by a huuuuuuge amount!!!! Genius"
- ningning82 (Australia, App Store Review)
Trigger and save cues and loops within the track. Use EFX, EQs. Jump back and fort. Loop on the spot. Sync tracks. Monitor with headphones.
See your track as spectrum (not just waveform), so you know when the bass or the hi-hat starts or the vocals enter.
4 decks on screen for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (other iPads: 2 decks fully visible visible, 2 decks minimized)

This is what you can do with DJDJ:

• Supports Ableton Link, sync your DJ sets with other apps and other iOS devices!

• Supports Audiobus.

• Supports multiple outputs / split audio / headphone cueing. Connect with iPad compatible audio interfaces.

• Supports MIDI input: control your DJ sets from an external MIDI controller! Every button and slider from every deck can be mapped to a midi control.

• Supports MIDI Jog Wheel. Scratch, Turn, Search. (Also scratch by dragging the audio strip.)

• Supports MIDI File Browsing

Super easy to loop a playing track, and you can save and trigger loops as if they were cues.

• Save up to 8 cues or cued loops per track. Have your tracks ready to trigger and/or loop in the right spot at any time.

• Play with 11 different EFX (can be used all at the same time) to add dynamism to your mixes!

• Use the usual DJ EQ with kill buttons to mute the bottom / mid / high bands.

• See your tracks as Waveforem or Spectrum.

• Load tracks from:
• the iPad/iPhone's music library
iTunes File Sharing
iCloud Drive via Document Picker
• Import via AudioShare

• On the iPad all of this is always visible, on one screen!

• Play with 4 decks at the same time! (iPad Pro 12.9-inch: 4 decks fully visible, other iPad models: 2 decks fully visible, 2 decks minimized. iPhone: 2 decks visible, 2 hidden).

Check these App Store reviews!
"This app is shaping up to be the tracktor killer ..."
- john xxero (USA)
"I've owned technics turntables for 20 years, beta tested the first time code vinyl for N2it, and have owned many various hardware DJ equipment along with more music and DJ apps than I'd like to admit to buying. This has some of the best features from many of the things I've tried. Easily set loop points, yep. Hook up a cheap MIDI controller for hands on control, yep. Bring in tracks from the cloud instead of the hullabaloo of iTunes, sure you can do that. Plus the developer is responsive and friendly, I've emailed him and he has put every feature I've requested in the app. Hope to see the effects section expanded, but this is a fantastic start"
- capedape (USA)
"... This app is a joy to use! 4 decks and tasty fx all on one page w/ the ipad pro. This independent developer surely deserves our support, he actually listens and replies to feedback and feature requests ..."
- Treetree33 (Belgium)

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iPad retina (aka iPad 3, march 2012) or faster.

iPhone 6 or faster. iPhone 6S, SE or faster highly recommended.

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